Dalian Polar Aquarium
Introduction:Lying in Laohutan (Tiger Beach) of Dalian, Dalian Polar Aquarium consists of Polar
Laohutan Ocean Park
Introduction:Laohutan Occean Park lies in the middle of state level scenic area—south beach of
People’s Square
Introduction:People’s Square is the administration centre of Dalian. It covers an area of 125,
Youhao Square
Introduction:Youhao(friendship) Square is founded for the memory of friendship between Soviet Un
Zhongshan Square
Introduction:Situated in Zhongshan area, north of Dalian, Liaoning, first built when occupied by
Olympic Square
Introduction:Olympic Square situated between Zhongshan Road and Wusi (May.4th) Road, downtown ar
Bihai Villa
Introduction:Bihai (blue sea) Villa, situated in Jingzi area, Dalian, occupied an area of 150 he
IntroductionFujiazhuang (Fus’ village) is located to the west of Yanwo Mountain and to the nor
Haiwang Nine Islands
IntroductionHaiwang(sea king) Nine Islands are located in northeast of Changshan Island chain, N
Forest Zoo
Introduction:Dalian Forest Zoo is located in the east of beautiful Baiyun(white cloud) Mountain
Bangchui Island
Bangchui Island Scenic Spot located at the east of Binhai road of Dalian, this island is 9 kilom
Bingyu Valley
The Bingyu Valley Scenic Area, covering an area of 110 square kilometers (27,182 acres), is loca
Shengya Sea World
Shengya Sea World is an aquarium theme park where visitors can experience the world of the sea t
Jinshitan International Tourism Resort
Jinshitan Scenic Area, also known as the Golden Pebble Beach National Resort, is situated in the
Xinghai Square
Xinghai Square is o­ne of the major cultural and historical landmarks of the Dalian city. It
Labour Park
Dalian is o­ne of the major tourist destinations of the China that boasts of a wide array of
Fujia Villa
IntroductionFujiazhuang (Fus’ village) is located to the west of Yanwo Mountain and to the nor
Qingniwa Commercial Area
It is a center of commodity fair, tourist shopping and trade activities of the city. It occupies
Xi'an Road Commercial Area
Xi'an Road Commercial Zone is the second busiest commercial area, after Qingniwaqiao, in Dal
Noah's Ark Pub
Noah's Ark Pub is located at the basement that let it has a feeling of narcissistic.As the o
Spark Pub
Spark Pub is designed and operated by the Korean.The room in the pub is broad and elegant which
Grammy Entertainment Pub
Taste the fragrance of whisky, listening to the music and just enjoying the beautiful  move

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